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When you think of artificial grass you probably think of lush lawns cut to the perfect length, making a garden look clean and fresh all year around. But have you heard of the trends in using artificial grass to decorate your home? The easy to care for and versatile nature of artificial grass have made it the perfect material of choice for creative DIYers. Here are 10 unexpected ways they have found to use artificial grass in your garden. 

1. Re-upholster your Garden Furniture

Who says garden furniture needs to be made of rattan or wood? Some people have taken to covering them with artificial grass. Gardens now sport bar stools with grassy tops, loungers with grass runners along them, and sofas with lush grassy seats. Garden beds no longer mean an area filled with flowers, it is now an outdoor section covered in artificial grass and cushions so you can sunbathe in comfort. 

Even the deck chairs haven’t avoided this trend. Some of them are being covered in grass to the point of not being able to tell what material it is originally made from. These garden chairs become talking features that are great to look at and comfortable to relax in. 

2. Make some Garden Cushions

If you choose not to cover that sofa in grass, why not give it some contrast by making some grassy cushions from artificial grass. This would bring a charming element to your patio and be a talking point for visiting guests. 

3. Table Runner and Place Settings

Elevate that grassy look by placing some on your garden table. You may be surprised by how good a grassy table runner can look. And place settings made of artificial grass make for a fine, comfortable, setting for your outdoor plates. This one is so easy to make! Simply use any spare pieces of artificial grass and cut them to sizes that fit your table. 

Take this to the next level by adding some artificial grass, non-slip, features to your outdoor bar. Or make a collection of coasters that you can use inside and out. 

4. Grassy House Number

grassy house number

Bring your home number plate to life with a grassy base. Instead of having that number stuck straight onto wood or brick make something that stands out and looks classy. The design is simple. 

Step 1, make a frame. You can do this by gluing/nailing some wooden pieces to a board or by buying a frame at your required size from a store and removing the glass. 

Step 2, stick your artificial grass in said frame. This can be done with nails or strong glue.

Step 3, place your house number on top of the grass. Keep it fresh by keeping the number the same colour as the frame or go wild and pick out something a little more vibrant.

Finally, hang your grassy plaque to advertise your house number with pride.  

Alternatively, follow these step-by-step instructions to make the one shown above.

5. Stair Runner

If you have stairs in your garden, you have a feature that you can use. Instead of simply placing plant pots on alternating steps, bring your stairs to life by turning a strip of artificial grass into a stair runner. Now you can climb those stairs in style! Remember to secure the grass appropriately on each step. Alternatively, cut the artificial grass into strips placing them on each step individual for a different look. 

This is a fantastic option if you have young ones as trips and falls on the stairs will have a softer landing. It also helps prevent those slippery surfaces in rainy or icy conditions.

6. As a Walkway

You’ve seen many a green garden with stone pavers being used as walkways. Now consider a garden patio with an artificial grass walkway. The contrast looks beautiful. This can also work well on decking.

Artificial grass makes a tidy walkway between vegetable patches, so you don’t need to split up those patches with that irritating gravel that you keep having to put back in place. 

Serving Tray 

Do you have a BBQ or an outdoor Bar? Place some artificial grass in the base of your serving trays to keep that fresh look as you deliver food and drink to your guests. This approach also prevents those summer cocktails from slipping on the bar tray. Bonus!

Fake Hedge

fake hedge

Attach Artificial grass to your fence for that hedge look. Make the whole garden green or have one statement fence covered in artificial grass. Couple this look with string lights or vertical plants to make it pop. 

On your Garden Fountains

Bring your old stone garden fountain to life by decorating the sides of it with artificial grass. This can work with multiple types of fountains. Layer the back of a wall fountain in green. Have artificial grass climbing the base of the fountain to make it look like it has stood there forever. For a fountain resting against a fence, add grass to the sides of it and to the fence around it to make it look like it grew out of the fence. Get creative!

Grassy Shelves

Even gardens need places to store things. If you have shelving attached to walls, fences, or stood around the garden for your planters to sit on, cover them in artificial grass for that extra green look. 

Alternatively, make a wall of grass, cover wooden shelves in the grass and attach it to the wall. You now have a wall that looks like a hedge that has grown shelves. This is a great place to store plants with trailing flowers, your watering can, and some little garden ornaments. 

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