It is common to see artificial grass in gardens of all sizes, but have you seen it in a home before? Here are some excellent ways people have put artificial grass to good use indoors. Would you do any of these in your home?

Shower Wall

Using grass as a shower wall in the bathroom brings an element of modern luxury to shower time. This not only looks great but can feel excellent. Some people even go the extra mile and use real grass or moss walls in their shower stalls to improve the air quality. However you choose to do it, you can be sure that it will bring your bathroom a little bit of wow factor. 

Bathroom Carpet

Some people like stepping out of a bath and onto fresh fluffy mats. Others enjoy the feeling of nature underneath their feet. It is these people who have begun taking artificial grass and installing it as a rug in their bathroom. They just love the feeling of that springy comfortable grass under their bare feet. Wouldn’t you?

Kids Play Area

We all love our kids to play outside. They have so much fun rolling in the grass and helping their small toys navigate the green wilderness. So, why not install a grass carpet in their play area. Here they can continue their adventures no matter what the weather brings outside. 

Use Artificial Grass as a Feature Wall

Find a plain blank wall in your home. One that needs a bit of life and colour. Can you imagine covering that wall with a panel of grass, or even covering the whole wall with grass? That is what some people are doing to liven up their room. Using wood to frame it they are placing a couple of panels of grass as a feature to give the room added depth and beauty, and it works. 

A Home Bar

Because we see bars outside, in parks, and on the beach, it is understandable that people are decorating their home bars with a bit of artificial grass. Some are placing it on the wall behind the bar, others are covering the side of the bar itself. Either way, a wooden bar and some artificial grass seem to go together very well. 

Artificial Grass as a Dining Room Rug

When you go on a picnic do you ever take off your shoes and let the grass tickle the soles of your feet. There is something relaxing about being that close to nature. Why not bring that comfort to your own dining room. Use an artificial grass rug under your feet when you are sitting around eating as a family. It is easy to maintain, easy to clean and looks excellent. A fantastic addition to a modern home. 

Dining Room Table

Why not go a step further and install artificial grass on top of your dining room table? Some people do this to replicate the idea of having a picnic, setting their plates and glasses on the grass ready for people to enjoy the comforting meal.

Hallway/Patio Space

If it’s an area where you kick off shoes, artificial grass will look like it belongs there. Place down a carpet of grass just for the shoes or make a shoe cupboard lined with grass. This will look very welcoming when someone enters your home.


While a balcony is not technically inside your home, one has to go through the home to access it. Once there, a patch of grass on the floor can give your balcony a garden feel. This is a great move if your home lacks a garden as you will have a spot of greenery to complement your plants. 

We Install Artificial Grass

Here at Last Lawn Projects, we love artificial grass and take great pride in our natural-looking turf. No job is too big or small for us when it comes to laying artificial grass in your garden. If you believe it is time to give your garden a beautiful low maintenance makeover, we are here to assist you. Our workers will lay grass all over Glasgow and as far out as Kilmarnock. 

If you wish for more information please get in touch with us via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you.