If you have ever tried to get regular grass to grow with little or no natural sunlight, you probably know it can be a real struggle to grow anything that survives without enormous effort and a slice of luck.

You can spend hundreds and possibly even thousands of pounds experimenting with nutrients to improve your grass problems that may never work.

Overwatering and improper aeration of the soil are some of the things inexperienced gardeners do that have a negative effect on creating a good-looking lawn.

We offer cost-effective, all-weather solutions that will bring your shaded and sparse lawn back to life without draining you or your savings!

Imagine, instead of fruitless efforts and stressing about your lawn results every season, you had:
• A lush lawn every day of the year no matter the weather
• No watering
• No grass cutting
• No grass collecting
• No filling up your garden wheely bin with cuttings
• No running out of room in your wheely bin and having to store or dispose of your cuttings elsewhere
• No weeds

Just a great-looking lawn all year round.

Make your enquiry to Last Lawn Projects and an artificial grass expert will come to your home and build a proposal specifically for you, and your garden, to create a lush outdoor oasis in no time.

Your artificial grass will look just like the real thing, making you the envy of your neighbours as they spend afternoons mowing and repairing their lawn whilst you sip on a nice G&T with your feet up.

Below we share three ways artificial grass can make your shaded garden pop, that regular grass just can’t!

1. Evergreen outdoor enjoyment
Artificial grass is one of the most popular landscaping materials today because it can transform any area of tired and hard-to-keep grass into a beautiful space that’s perfect for entertaining or relaxing outdoors. Our artificial lawns are made to last up to 30 years in normal conditions, throughout all four seasons, no exception. Just imagine all the BBQs and cozy family gatherings you could host all year round…

2. No watering and no feeding ever again
After studying the effects of installing artificial grass on thousands of gardens across the UK, we found that our lawn coverings reduce evaporation from muddy soil almost entirely! This benefit of this feature on its own eliminates the need to water your garden. You’ll also never have to worry about weeds or mowing if you choose padded synthetic turf over costly and disappointing traditional grass alternatives.

3. Simple maintenance
If you’re like most people, you want to make your garden as beautiful and functional as possible for as little as possible, both initially and ongoing. However, if you live in an area with little natural sunlight, there’s no quick and easy way to improve the looks of your shaded lawn unless you choose a maintenance-free artificial grass that looks just like the real thing.

Our lawns retain no mud and dirt when it rains, so pets and children are safe to enjoy the space without making a mess in your garden or when they move indoors. This is practically the only way you can get a clean and beautiful outdoor and indoor environment at the same time!

So, whether you need a new lawn for recreation or just want to spruce up your bare spots, there’s no better time than now. Contact our helpful team at Last Lawn Projects and we will get back to you with more information on our great selection of artificial grass that will meet all your garden needs.

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