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Since being used on Houston Astrodome’s baseball field in 1966, artificial grass has become quite popular. It is a great way to make your lawns and gardens look dignified all year round. Imagine that! A fresh green looking lawn in the depths of muddy winter. This is why artificial grass is the best option.  

But before making that jump from all-natural to artificial, you may have questions or concerns. 

  • What is artificial grass?
  • Is it a good idea or does it have negative traits?
  • Is it worth putting in my garden?

Here at Last Lawn Projects, we want you to understand what Artificial Grass can do for you. So, we have put together this article to help broaden your understanding of the world of artificial grass. 

What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial Grass is also known as Artificial Turf or Fake Grass. 

It is an alternative to real grass or pavers in your garden if you don’t need the hassle of mowing your lawn. But what is artificial grass, really?

Getting down to the science of it, artificial grass is synthetic fibres made to look like natural grass. It is most commonly made of polyethene, the plastic used in plastic bags. Artificial grass can be cut in many different styles to give your garden varying degrees of toughness vs a natural look. 

Green, green, or green. There are so many variants of the colour that most artificial grass makers will give you the choice of green for your garden. On the other hand, if bolder colours suit your fancy you may find people selling purples and oranges, just don’t expect them to look too natural. 

Artificial Grass at Last Lawn Projects.

Artificial Grass comparison at Last Lawn Projects

Have you ever sat and studied the blades of grass in a field? Here at Last Lawn Projects, we have and we found out something amazing. 

Every blade of grass is unique in thickness, size and colour. We learnt from this and created a lawn that looks natural while still having all the positive traits of artificial grass. With up to 8 colours in every lawn, our artificial grass looks so real!

Artificial Grass and the Environment

Being made of plastic many would wince at the thought of the damage artificial grass could do to the garden. These people would be both surprised and delighted to hear of the environmental benefits this grass has.

  1. Synthetic grass is better at water conservation as it requires no watering. 
  2. You no longer have to use pesticides to clear weeds from your garden. 
  3. Gets rid of the need for that carbon-emitting petrol lawnmower. 

So, yes, It is true it is plastic and can cause concerns in both the making of and the recycling of the lawn. However, it makes up for these problems during its use. 

The Benefits of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is Dog Friendly

Artificial grass can be a bonus to your garden beyond its environmental benefits. Here are some of the things artificial grass can do for you. 

  • You no longer need to mow your lawn. This is more than an environmental benefit; it means you no longer have to do back-breaking work. A useful plus as you get older. 
  • Its survivability does not depend on the weather. You don’t need to worry about a drought making it wither and die, nor do you need to be concerned about heavy rainfall drowning it. Your grass will look fresh no matter the time of year. 
  • UV protection means that the colour is not going to fade in the brilliant summer sun.
  • Soft and cushioned. Great for your pets and your kids to play on. 
  • Mud and grass stains become a thing of the past. 
  • If you suffer from allergies, this will reduce the need to suffer when you relax in your garden. 
  • Saves you money. Smaller water bill and no need to buy garden tools. 
  • Time! It’s far faster to get a great looking lawn than planting a traditional one from seed.

Artificial Grass – The Cons

Nothing is perfect, everything has a downside. The same is true of artificial grass. 

  • The initial work of installing artificial grass can seem daunting. You need a flat and permeable surface to get the most out of your artificial grass. 
  • Cost. While it can save you money in the long run, the initial costs are usually more than planting a traditional lawn from seed or laying turf.
  • You’re not going to get that grassy smell that comes with newly mowed natural grass.
  • Gardeners. If there is a gardening club in your town you will not be so popular with them. But your garden will look amazing all year round!

Last Lawns Artificial Grass Promise

Last Lawn Projects has been installing Artificial Grass For Years.

Last Lawn Projects has been installing artificial grass in Scotland for many years. This has given us the ability to handle all new projects with an ease that only comes with experience. Your garden will be in the right hands with us. 

Your lawn will be installed by experts who have had 20 years or more in the field. They will be happy to provide you with tips and tricks to help you keep your lawn looking great.

With this much experience and care in your garden, you will have peace of mind that things are being taken care of professionally. 

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