It is the time of year for family barbecues in fresh summer gardens. But if you have artificial grass in your garden, can you have a barbecue? How will artificial grass react to heat? Is it safe to have a barbecue on or near this amazing, easy-to-care lawn? Here is what you need to know about artificial grass and your barbecues. 

Artificial Lawns and Heat

Artificial lawns do not cope well with intense heat. It is advisable not to have a garden decoration that will mirror hot rays of the sun onto the grass as this could damage it by melting. It is also not advisable to allow smokers to drop their cigarette butts onto your artificial grass as the hot ash and embers will melt the grass. Always have ashtrays available if you or anyone else you have over smokes. 

In general, an artificial lawn does not cope well with intense heat. Once a patch has begun to melt, there are very few cost-effective ways to repair the damage to the artificial grass. In fact, in most cases, you will need new artificial turf to replace it. 

The bottom line is artificial turf, and heat does not mix. You should never place a barbecue directly on artificial turf. 

Alternatives to Placing the Barbecue on the Artificial Lawn

Just because you can’t place a barbecue directly onto the turf doesn’t mean you can’t have that barbecue in your garden. You simply need to place the barbecue on a stable heat-proof surface like a patio or decking. 

Having a Barbecue on Decking

Decking, even wooden decking, is suitable for a barbecue. It provides a solid and even surface where you can cook safely. However, if you choose to cook a barbecue on the decking, you must always be aware of the dangers. 

  • Sparks and embers can cause damage to your deck or any plants in the area. 
  • If the barbecue tips or any hot coals drop, there is a chance of your deck catching fire.

Your barbecue should be safe from incidents with the correct safety measures in place. 

  1. Have a fire extinguisher or fire blanket nearby. 
  2. Don’t have your barbecue next to plants or trees.
  3. Keep your eye on flying leaves and embers if it is a windy day. 
  4. Always keep an eye on any children, and don’t let them play too close to the barbecue. 
  5. Draping a welding blanket over your wooden deck can prevent it from embers scorching the surface if this is a concern. 

Having a Barbecue on a Patio

Concrete or tiled patio is probably your safest option for a barbecue. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  1. Ensure there is no debris nearby that can catch fire. 
  2. Watch out for any plants or trees. You do not want your barbecue directly underneath a tree as it could catch fire. 
  3. Place your barbecue where the surface is flat and even. 
  4. Have a fire extinguisher nearby in case of an emergency.
  5. Keep all lighters away from children and don’t let them play too close to the barbecue. 

When having a barbecue in your garden, do a brief risk assessment and prepare for any outcome. This way, you are less likely to panic if a situation does occur.

Artificial Lawn Barbecue Cleaning Tip

While we have established that you shouldn’t place the barbecue itself on artificial grass, this doesn’t mean you can’t eat the barbecue on artificial grass. 

Your grass will be really easy to clean should it become littered with drips of sticky barbecue sauce. Simply hose it down and give it a brush once the event is over. If the grass has not been melting during the barbecue, you can consider it a success and start planning your next one with even less to worry about.

Go, get together with your family and friends, and enjoy your barbecue summer.  

Redesign Your Garden this Summer

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