LLP Artificial Golf Garden

A Golf Garden is becoming more and more popular as the years go by. As people see the need to improve their mental and physical wellbeing, the Scottish Pastime of Golf comes to the forefront of their minds as one of the most relaxing ways to accomplish this. 

However, unless you live near a golf course it can be a challenge to get to and from a decent game of golf. This is one of the many benefits of having a min golf course in your own garden. It saves time, money, and energy to have easy access to your own putting green. Yet these are not the only benefits.

Here are six more benefits of having your own golf garden.  

Encourages an Outside Activity

Too often we find reasons not to go outside. The sun is too hot, the wind Is too cold, the garden is a mess, etc. Having a great garden with a golf course can make us want to step into that fresh air and play a game or two. This can have many practical benefits on your health.

  • Sunlight.

Standing in direct sunlight encourages our body to make Vitamin D, Calcium, and other healthy nutrients that help make us strong and healthy.  It can also kill bacteria, reduce blood pressure and help us to get a better night’s sleep.

  • Fresh Air.

There is a reason we like to go outside for some fresh air. Being in the fresh air boosts our immunity systems, improves our heart rates, gives us more oxygen, as well as helping us to digest food more efficiently. 

Just think, a few rounds of golf in the garden can lead to a better and healthier you. 

Adds value to your home

LLP Golf in the yard

Golf is a high-demand game. People love to take time out of their busy lives to unwind at a golf course or to practice their putting skills. Having a golf course in your garden will appeal to these buyers who play golf. In fact, according to statistics, Scotland alone is home to nearly 350,000 golf players. 

So, not only can you reap the benefits of an awesome golf course on your doorstep, when it comes time to move on you could have added an extra 15% value to your home. 

Entertaining Family and Friends

Whether you are enjoying a BBQ, a few cocktails, the summer heat, or the spring breeze, having family and friends to enjoy it with you makes it twice as memorable.  

Your home could easily become the home everyone wants to visit for a night of fun. The golf course will mean that you always have a fun activity ready for all to enjoy. 

Gets the Younger Generation Outside 

It is the age of technology. Children are constantly sat playing n mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and consoles. While these can be enriching learning experiences themselves, it does not get them very active. 

Having the option to play golf in the garden with their friends is both a unique and fun activity for many. 

Golf and Your Mental Wellbeing

Golf can affect our mental health in many ways.

  1. Reduce anxiety.
  2. Reduce stress.
  3. Build confidence.
  4. Improves self-esteem. 

It is also a proven treatment for depression and dementia. This is all because it helps you to focus on something that is at a much calmer pace than the average pace of life. It takes you into the outside world. Encourages friendly competition and social interaction. Provides your body with a thorough workout and releases feel-good chemicals into the system when you get the ball into the hole.

Golf and Your Physical Well being

LLP golf outside

It is not just that fact that you are playing in the sun and fresh air that is good for you. Swinging that put and walking around strengthens muscles and increases your blood circulation. This can also have a very positive effect on your health. 

Good circulation means that your body is getting more oxygen and having more waste removed giving you better overall health. 

Play Golf with Last Lawn Projects

Whatever the size of your garden, here at last lawn projects, we can help you to find the perfect putting green fit for you. From a full course of holes to master to a single fun field for you to play. We can help you choose:

  • A design that works with your garden theme and needs. 
  • A size that works with your garden and fits around your other activities.
  • The number of holes that will work with your garden size and structure. 

And we will make sure it is fitted into your garden with long-lasting care and provision so it will maintain its health, with the proper care, for the next 30 years. 

Check out what it looks like to have a golf course fitted into your garden with this short video.

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