the benefits of hiring a landscaper

When designing and landscaping your garden, it is easy to fall into the DIY trap of doing it all yourself. While this can be a good thing, and you will get to learn a whole new bunch of skills, it can also lead to disaster, extra cost, and a garden that you dread to enter. Hiring a landscaper may seem like an unnecessary expense at first glance. Who doesn’t love the idea of getting hands on and making a garden to be proud of? But the reality is a landscaper is more than someone who does the hard labour for you. 

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider hiring a landscaper. 

The Skills of Experience

First, let’s consider some of the skills landscapers have. 

A professional landscaper will have knowledge of horticulture.

This means they are going to know what plants work well, what plants should not be planted next to each other, the type of soil, amount of sunlight, and water access that a plant needs to thrive. They are unlikely to make the mistake of putting a plant in your garden that can poison your children or pets. A landscaper will understand which plants to use to make your garden look amazing even in the winter. 

A professional Landscaper will have Plumbing and Electrical skills.

For a garden? Yes. Garden lights, water features, ponds with running waterfalls and fountains. These all require skills in the electric and plumbing department. While a landscaper is not going to fix the wiring or pipes in your home any time soon, they generally have the skills required for these outside pieces. 

The Landscaping Experience

Above all, a professional landscaper will have experience in landscaping. This means that they will know how to prepare your ground for paving, know how to make a patio look right in a small space, understand how to use levels to your advantage. They have years of experience in making gardens into Eden’s for the homeowners. This is an experience that is worth trusting. 

Cost and Budget 

Landscaping a garden is never going to be cheap. So how does hiring a landscaper make it cheaper? Consider the following:

  1. They know what to buy and where to buy it. 

You will be saving money on fuel, purchases you didn’t need, and the landscaper will know the cheapest place to get the best quality so the garden will last you years.

  1. They will make it last.

If you landscape your own garden but make mistakes, like failing to prime ground before using porcelain pavers, this could be a costly mistake that you end up fixing a year or two down the line. A landscaper will provide quality work that will last you years without you having to spend more to fix things that went wrong. 

  1. Budget planning.

When designing a garden, it is easy to estimate the cost way below the actual cost. A landscaper can help you plan ahead appropriately by giving you an accurate cost for the things you are considering, so you will be better informed of how to spend that hard earned money. 

A Landscaper Saves Time

How many garden projects have you seen that has been years in the making? People start gardening and landscaping with the best of intentions, but budget issues and time management can really slow things down. A job that should have only taken a couple of weeks takes years to finish. 

A landscaper can get your garden done a lot quicker. They can work while you are at work or going about other things in your daily life. Not only are you saving yourself from back breaking work, but you will also have your garden ready within a much smaller timescale. 

Do You Need a Landscaper for Your Garden?

At Last Lawn Projects, not only do we provide excellent landscaping services in Glasgow and its surrounding areas, we have worked with Lyn Harris in our garden designs. Lynn has over 20 years of experience designing, building, planting, and project managing the creation of gardens all across Scotland and beyond. This vital experience helps us to help you.

No garden project is too small! Everyone has the right to a piece of Eden. Contact the Last Lawn team for expert advice or a quote for your garden. 

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