If you are refreshing your lawn for the summer and contemplating the possibility of placing an artificial lawn in your garden, you may find the choices overwhelming. You start out thinking artificial lawn is the perfect option and then discover there are so many different types. Which one do you need? We are here to explain them all. 

Why are There Different Types of Artificial Lawn?

What makes each artificial lawn different is the type of material they use to create them. This changes over time as companies play with new technologies and innovative ideas. 

When artificial turf first started out in the 1950s it was a short pile synthetic product. Now you can get many variations of this turf using different materials. Some materials provide a more natural-looking turf, other materials mean that you can have an artificial lawn in purple. You can get turf that is more environmentally friendly than the others and turf of different lengths. 

Essentially, the market evolved from one artificial lawn into an artificial one to suit everyone. 

Nylon Artificial Lawn

Nylon makes the strongest lawn, but not the most comfortable. It can stand up and keep its shape against external pressures which means that your lawn will look perfect all year round. However, because it will stand up against pressures it is not a good choice for families with kids. It is a good option if you wish to have a lawn to practice your golf. 

While Nylon looks natural, it will not feel natural. It is expensive because it will last you the longest and look excellent the whole time. 

Polyethylene and Polyethylene mixes

Polyethylene is one of the more common turfs for gardens and lawns. 

Like Nylon it can last a long time and look natural. But this grass can also make it feel natural and it doesn’t retain odours. This type of grass can be found in:

  • Family gardens
  • Pet gardens
  • Soccer fields
  • Football fields
  • Baseball fields

Unlike Nylon, the Polyethylene lawns need regular maintenance to help keep its shape and look. 

Polyethylene can come mixed with Nylon as a secondary thatch. The Nylon helps increase the strength of this type of turf helping it to last longer.

Polypropylene Lawns

The Polypropylene lawn is the least expensive form of artificial grass. While it still looks nice in a garden it is not going to stand up to use. It has a fine texture which will look great when first installed. However, when it faces heat or people walking on it will start to degrade. Eventually, you will have a patchy-looking green lawn that is easy to spot as a fake. 

Polypropylene turf is a great option for artificial turf projects, like creating a feature wall inside your home. 

Let’s Talk Sizes

Once you have decided on an artificial lawn that suits your needs you can choose the best size for your garden. Artificial turf generally comes in three different sizes, Short, Medium and Long. 

Short artificial turf is like fresh mown grass. It is 20mm tall or less and is the most common choice for gardens that cater to pets and children. 

Medium artificial turf is between 20mm and 30mm. This is the same height many families chose to keep their gardens looking fresh, when used with artificial turf it gives the garden a more natural look. 

Long artificial turf, above 30mm can make a garden look a little more rugged and wilder. While it doesn’t look as natural it can still be appealing in many places. 

Artificial Turf can Come in Many Colours

Green and variations of green are the colours you are most likely to see with artificial turf. However, some companies create golden turf, brown turf, red turf or even purple turf. While green artificial lawns are the most natural, other lawns can give your garden a unique or exotic feel. 

Scotland’s Best Lawns

From Glasgow to Ayr and Saltcoats to Wishaw, Scotland’s best artificial lawns come from Last Lawn Projects. Our lawns are specially designed to replicate the natural look of grass. When you look at grass closely you can see that each individual blade has its own size, shape and thickness. To make our lawns as natural as possible we have replicated these random patterns in our lawn creations. 

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