Garden pavers come in a variety of styles and colours. The way you lay a garden paver down gives even more creativity to your garden. You can have pavers with streams, patterns, square pavers, hexagon pavers, and pavers as stepping stones. Paving gardens have become a way to express our feelings and personality to the world.

So, what does your favourite garden paving style say about you? First, let’s look at the most common styles and what they say about their owners.

Straight Rectangle Pavers

Pavers that are rectangular and stacked neatly on top of one another give your garden a clean and fresh look.

You like things to be clean, simple, and elegant. Clutter bothers you as you prefer things to be more organised. Your garden has a place for everything, and you much prefer that everything stays in its place.

Basket Weave Pavers

This style comes by having two brick-sized pavers next to each other, creating a square shape. You lay one horizontally, then the next pair of pavers you lay vertically. It creates a fun basket weave paver look that leads the eyes along a specific route.

This style suggests that you are a forward thinker. You like to plan ahead and work towards making those plans work. Full of self-determination, you have big goals in life and are willing to pave your own life’s course.

Herringbone Pavers

To create this style, you place smaller rectangular pavers down at an angle. Each paver creates an intricate and interesting weave pattern.

The pattern itself is trendy and modern, something you reflect in your lifestyle. The next big ‘in’ thing is something you will definitely try out. If a trend starts to have a hammock in your garden, you will have a hammock in your garden and make it look so cool everyone will want to do it. You make modern flair look easy.

Offset Brick Pavers

Imagine a brick wall. It has a line of bricks with another line of bricks on top. Each line of bricks is offset from the one below to help the home remain sturdy for many years. This classic look can last a long time when laid in the garden.

Being a classic, this style shows that you have the strength of character. Its sophistication and gracefulness are also full of quiet strength and determination that gets you through the day-to-day. You can hold your head up high as you battle life’s challenges, and though the weather of the world may chip at your features, you will still be looking awesome in many years to come.

Hexagon Pavers

Hexagons naturally sit nicely against each other in an offset pattern. It is a style that is easy to lay and looks great in any garden.

If the look of the hexagon entices you, it shows how much your mind likes things that fit perfectly despite being complex. The idea of being stuck in one job all your life doesn’t appeal to you, and you much prefer the thought of being versatile and beautiful in any situation. You have a more complex nature like the hexagon, but it works for you. You bring a touch of perfection to everything that you do.

Square Garden Paver

Square pavers sit together in neat little rows. The pavers can be any size, and they would still look sophisticated even if they are all different colours. It brings balance and variety to the garden at the same time.

This style shows that you are one of those adventuring types. The simple sophistication of the square shows you are good at what is easy, but the colour variations point out that you like to add the flair of a challenge. Having things too easy bores you, while the challenges allow you to grow. You can be outgoing and excitable but also like to cosy up and enjoy peace, and variety does not scare you.

Have Your Garden Paved by the Experts

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